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Welcome to Nadine The Cake Queen and my lifelong passion for all things sweet!  Servicing the Barrington Coast NSW with stunning Wedding Cakes. I am a fully qualified Pastrychef, Dessert Chef & Cake Artist with 30+ years’ experience creating, baking and decorating delicious desserts and Cakes with Class from Simply Elegant to Extravagant and everything in between! #livingthesweetlife  #cakeswithclass

Nadine's Background

My first ever cake was the Rubber Ducky from the Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cakes Book for a school fete competition when I was in 5th Grade in 1980. I followed the directions and was so happy with the result, only to be disqualified as the judges said it was too good and I couldn’t have possibly made it! This experience was so devastating that I completely forgot about it until I made a Pink Panther cake in Year 7. Mum showed me photos of the duck and everything came flooding back. From that day I decided to embrace all things cake and 37 years later I still love what I do! #ilovemyjob  #lifelongpassion

In high school, all my friends received cakes for their birthdays so I could practice. I did work experience in Year 10 with Anthea Leonard from Sweet Art and was hooked on cake artistry! By 15, I was running a hobby cake business from my parents’ home in Sydney making cakes for all occasions. School afternoons were super busy teaching myself how to sketch designs and sculpt cakes. #cakeart #cakeartist

I decided to do the Pastrycooking Trade Course at Ryde TAFE as I actually love everything about living the sweet life! I took to it like a duck to water and received Apprentice of the Year each year for the 4-year course. Having Lorraine Godsmark as my mentor and boss at Rockpool was lifechanging. The range of new techniques, flavour combinations and work ethic were an exciting learning curve. I learned to produce an enormous amount of food without losing quality that put me in good stead to travel the world with my chosen occupation. I also met Vicky Harris here who named me “Nadine, Nadine the Dessert Queen” and become my business partner and lifelong friend. #pastrychef #dessertchef

Working in London at Harvey Nichols 5th Floor Restaurant with other ex-Rockpool staff was amazing and challenging. Imagine coming up with 5 new daily desserts to feed 200 people each day!  I worked with Vicky here too.  My new moniker was “Nadine, Nadine the Potato Queen” as Nadine potatoes were the potatoes of choice in the kitchen. I nearly stayed in Vancouver, Canada as I loved working at the two True Confections dessert cafes but decided to come home taking up the Pastrychef position at Brazil Café in Manly then going to Berowra Waters Inn. Vicky Harris, who now owns Catering Northern Beaches & V-lish Vegan, and I started Twocan Restaurant and enjoyed 5 years together with our amazing staff receiving rave reviews and being in The Good Food Guide. I met my wonderful husband, Chris at this time. He’s my biggest fan and logistics officer in cake board design and construction and offsite events! After Twocan closed, I opened Indulge in Desserts in Dee Why supplying some of Sydney’s top restaurants, cafes and food stores with desserts plus retail cakes and catering. It grew too fast and I couldn’t keep up, so decided to work with Lorraine at Yellow Bistro & Food Store in Potts Point. You’ll find some of my creations on her menu at Lorraine’s Patissiere in Sydney. #lifelongfriends

I took a twist into Energy Medicine and studied AcuEnergetics but having 2 boys changed my life again and treating wasn’t for me. We decided to move north to Pacific Palms 8 years ago. I tried to start a cake business when we first moved here but the area wasn’t quite ready for me and we discovered our beautiful boys were also on the Autism Spectrum, so I decided to learn more about managing spectrum issues instead and baked for their Playgroup each week because I needed a creative outlet and love sharing cake joy. Becoming an ENJOpreneur helped me to step out of that feeling of “just being a mum”, meet more people and find myself again. Four years ago, I was looking for a new business name and typed “Nadine The Cake Queen” into Google. My personal Facebook account came up and I figured it was meant to be. My lovely friend Grahame, designed my logo which everyone exclaims “is you”! It certainly is! Everything about cake is fun! #nadinethecakequeen  #cakefun  #nothingseriousaboutcake 

Meeting Sue Williams from Topi Open Range opened up my world and access to delectable local produce. I became a member of The Great Lakes Food Trail NSW and love being part of this community with like-minded producers. Food Trail Open Days are opportunities for me to showcase local produce in various ways for you to enjoy. Farm to Fridge is the storefront for TGLFT. Do you love local produce? Have it delivered to you each Friday! Please follow us on social media and our website to receive the latest news. #greatlakesfoodtrailnsw  #farmtofridge  #localproduce  #collaboration

Country Palings Petals & Pots Café in Green Point discovered me on TGLFT and now you can #treatyourself there during The Season (September to May each year). It’s a great way to #trysomethingnew before choosing to order a whole special occasion cake with me. Living within a special needs’ family means that I completely understand the requirement for a speciality diet or lifestyle choice. I have created a range of cakes & desserts that mean you can still enjoy the sweet life with Gluten, Dairy, Refined Sugar Free and Vegan options which are available at Country Palings. #glutenfree  #dairyfree  #refinedsugarfree  #vegan  #countrypalingscafe 

That brings us to today and an elevation of my business with empowerment courtesy of Kay Hartmann Bowen, Great Lakes Osteopathy and Chiropractic, Naomi Schuelein from Coastal Counselling and Psychotherapy, Helena Marshall Naturopath, The Beauty Room by Kat Jurlina and Kate Darnell from Gumboots By The Sea who, along with baking, helped me leave the darkness of Depression and embrace the Light of Being. Life is so challenging but Nadine does mean “Hope” so I draw on that and make all your cakes with love and hope. I feel very grateful to have a supportive network to call upon when times are tough and to celebrate the good times too. When you buy a cake with me, you are also supporting other local businesses in our area! Sometimes the money goes straight from you to me to them! #livelocal #supportlocalbusiness #intuitive 

Whatever your special occasion may be, your cake is all about you. I love everything about creating your delicious dessert cake from start to finish. I read what you send me, look at the images, listen to what you are saying and use all of my knowledge, skill, love and intuition to make exactly what you are after. Your cake will not leave my kitchen unless I am 100% happy with it! We definitely eat with our eyes first but that first mouthful needs to taste as incredible as your cake looks! I call this “Inside Joy”! Dessert is the final course of any special event. It can mean the difference between each guest remembering the entire event as spectacular or an epic fail. Which would you prefer? #makingmemories for all the right reasons. #itsallaboutyou #itsallaboutthecake #madewithlove and #hope #exactlywhatyouwant #insidejoy

I look forward to connecting with you soon to discuss details for your next special cake occasion! #gratitude #thankyou #yourcakelady

Wedding Cake Consultation

At Nadine the cake queen we love working directly with our couples to create a truly bespoke cake that reflects your style, theme, guest list and budget.  Our wedding cakes are completely bespoke and tailored to your requirements.  From the initial consultation, to the cutting of the cake, we are there with you to finalise every detail.

Step 1

Please take the time to peruse the website and decide if I am #yourcakelady before completing the Cake Enquiry Form.

Step 2

Once I have processed this information, I will be in touch to discuss the details and ask you to pay your non-refundable deposit to confirm your booking .

Step 3

We will book your Wedding Cake Tasting (if applicable) and at this appointment confirm all the finer details for your special day. You can then relax knowing we are #makingmemories for all the right reasons!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you made (a particular type of cake) before?

Maybe, maybe not but it truly doesn’t matter as I can create just about anything in cake. Don’t ask me to make in any other medium but I’m good with cake! If I don’t think I can do it I will tell you and you are welcome to go elsewhere.

Do you make Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free and Vegan Cakes?

Yes, I do. I love baking this way and it’s how we eat at home so I challenged myself to create a range of cakes and desserts that means if you have a specialty diet or lifestyle choice you are able to have your cake and it too! If you are highly allergic, I cannot accept responsibility for any adverse reactions but all care is taken when cleaning the kitchen and safety standards adhered to. Please tell me if you have specific ingredients you cannot have so I can accommodate you.

How much notice do I need to give before ordering a cake?

When you know you have a special occasion that requires cake, it’s a great idea to let me know as I accept orders on a first in basis! The Season runs from September to May each year and it is extremely busy! Sometimes I can accommodate short notice orders but I appreciate it if you think ahead. Please remember to CARE. Care About Real Events!

Your birthdays & anniversaries all occur on the same date every year! If you’re booking accommodation, think about booking the other services you require at the same time. Generally, 4 weeks’ notice is good for an extravagant cake. The shorter the notice the simpler the cake will be. Wedding Cakes can be booked in 12 months in advance but we’ll start planning 6 months out and finalise around 3 months before the date.

How much is this cake in the photo (you are showing me from another cake person)?

Unless I’ve actually made it, I really don’t know. Please fill in my Cake Enquiry Form and kindly answer the questions as honestly as you can. I’m not here to rip you off! It’s my job to gather as much information as I can from you so I can fulfil your brief.

I can give you a quote on what I can do but I do not copy another person’s work. The more you ask me to do, the more it will cost. As a guide, an extravagant cake for 30 people will cost around $300 ($10pp) whilst a simpler cake is around $225 ($7.50pp) to be served as dessert. Smaller servings are available.

Do you have edible images and cake toppers?

I don’t have the facility to make edible images or laser cut cake toppers but I do have recommended suppliers that I use. Deezee Designs in Perth are excellent for edible images. We like to allow 7 business days for delivery. GR Laser Engraving and Cutting in Forster is fabulous for cake toppers. You or I can organise these options. I do make cake toppers from Callebaut Chocolate or Gum Paste.

Do you use additives or preservatives in your cakes?

No. Fresh is definitely best! I use quality ingredients and local produce when available.

Which Chocolate & Vanilla do you use?

I love Callebaut Chocolate. The mouth feel is smooth, it tastes delicious and it does what it’s supposed to! Dark, Milk & White are available. When I was in Port Douglas in 2018, I discovered the only Vanilla Beans grown in Australia. Vanilla Australia is one of the only growers that doesn’t use petro-chemical extraction to make their essence and they are grown using biodynamic and biological methods. The amount of vanillin is 4 times that of other beans. I prefer to support local business and choose to support Australian Business plus it is delicious.

Are you a shop? Can I turn up and buy cake?

I have to keep telling myself, “I am not a shop!” as I am capable of high production. So, no you cannot just turn up and buy cake as I work from commercial kitchen in my home. I do however supply Country Palings Petals and Pots Café in Green Point NSW 2428 where you are welcome to go and enjoy cake by the slice, delicious beverages and the beautiful gift shop before choosing to order your special occasion cake with me!

Should I bring an esky and keep my cake in the fridge?

I will give you instructions for your specific cake. One thing to remember is that cake tastes better when it is not served straight from the fridge. My recommendation is usually that you keep your cake refrigerated until an hour before you would like to serve it. Allowing the cake to come to room temperature before serving makes it more luscious and enjoyable. If you are picking up and travelling with your cake, please bring a size appropriate esky/cooler box and ice bricks with you. Once the cake leaves me, you accept all responsibility for it. If you prefer me to deliver, it is $60/hour return to Smiths Lake.

Why do tall cakes need structural support?

Cake is expected to do a lot of crazy things nowadays. The taller your cake is, the more support it needs inside to help it stay stable and structurally sound. This means having a dowel through the centre of the cake and in each tier beneath the top to hold each tier up and in place. Do you know why some cakes melt across the dance floor at weddings in the heat of Summer? Because the cake person has not understood the logistics of the venue and supported the cake properly.

Where do you deliver to? Is delivery free?

I prefer to make cake than deliver cake, so aim to stay as local to Pacific Palms as possible. Our area is called Barrington Coast. Delivery is generally from Smiths Lake to Buladelah and Tuncurry, but I do deliver farther afield. Delivery is $60/hour return to Smiths Lake. Some cakes require a set-up fee but we will discuss this. If you are too far away, I will recommend that you find a local person in the area you are having your event, especially if it’s a wedding, as logistics play a big part on the day. If anything drastic happens with a cake, I know I can quickly go home and fix the problem. You want this option available to you wherever you are.

Cake Flavours

 Milk, Dark or White Chocolate
 White Chocolate Raspberry
 Lemon Coconut
 Lime & Raspberry
 Carrot, Walnut, Sultana & Cranberry
Red Velvet
 Lemon, Lime, Orange or Citrus Poppyseed

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Slices & Desserts

Lemon Meringue
 Frou Frou Cakes
Mascarpone Cakes, Semi-Fredos or Trifles
Black Forest Cake

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